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Q.1: Can I order sample?

Yes, Samples can be provided upon request.

Q.2: What is the turn around time for custom articles?
Our standard production turn around time is 2-3 weeks post-approval of the samples.

Q.3: What is the minimum order quantity(MOQ) per order?
40 Pieces.

Q.4: Where can we ship to?
We offer worldwide shipping, including to the USA,Canada,Uk,Europe & Australia.

Q.5: What are the payment methods that you accept?
Our preferred payment method is a wire transfer to our business bank account. We also accept payment through Western Union, Moneygram, Xoom, Remitly & other convenient payment.


Why choose Us?


We have recently extended our production facilities where by now we can cater for the entire requirement of our esteemed customers.



3. Sampling                            4 . Quality Check


Hoxbridge Industries Customized Products:

               With our products you’re buying craftsmanship & service a combined by the uses of traditional as well as manufacturing technologies.



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Note:  The buyer is full responsible for any import custom duties & taxes in his/her country.

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